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Oficina7 is a collection of white-body single-fired wall tiles with a creative style as free and unconventional as that of street art. The collection’s ceramic tiles are manufactured in a large rectified size, 32.5x97.7, in 7 colours, completed by a vast assortment of decorative pieces. Oficina7 is suitable for laying not only in residential bathrooms but also in the bathrooms of hotels, restaurants and offices, and with its slim thickness of 6 cm it is recommended for renovation projects.


Интерьер Oficina7

Плитка Oficina7

Размер 32,5×97,7 см, толщина 6 мм

Размер 65×97,7 см, толщина 6 мм

Размер 32,5×32,5 см, толщина 6 мм

Размер 3×32,5 см, толщина 6мм